New episodes of The Dog Ate My Homework!

Jess is so excited to announce that her latest episode of The Dog Ate My Homework will be aired on the 26th January!

The Dog Ate My Homework airs on CBBC and features two teams competing in a school-based panel show in several rounds of hilarious challenges. Previous episodes have seen competing teams fight for victory in rounds such as ‘Who Do You Think I Am?’ where each team has to guess which famous historical figure the presenter is dressing up as. Another round has seen the contestants ‘mummifying’ their own parents (not as horrifying as it sounds, really) and guessing what on earth children have drawn in ‘Figure It Out.’

Jess in series 5

This series is currently being hosted by Hacker T. Dog, Lauren Layfield and others yet to be announced. Jess has previously appeared alongside Matthew Crosby and Saima Chowdhury and we can’t wait to see who Jess will be competing against this time around!

Jess’ episode will be available to watch from the 26th January HERE

Jess Robinson profile image