Jess Robinson Stars in Your Ears Gold Award cover

Stars In Your Ears wins Gold

Wonderful news, after just 2 series made in our bedrooms / sheds / under tents made out of duvets Stars In Your Ears has won Gold in the Best Entertainment category at The British Podcast Awards. 

The judges said, “in a very strange year and in a field that is brimming with a lot of entertaining podcasts, this one stood out as bold and totally unique. It’s clear that the host spends every second on this podcast having fun with a total commitment of creativity, energy and ambition to the podcast from all involved, that was topped off with outstanding production values. It kept a smile on the judges faces throughout.”

The band and I are thrilled and series 3 is coming in the autumn…

You can listen here:
and wherever you listen to your podcasts

Album cover - Are You Ready - Jess laughing in silver skirt

Are You Ready?

New album out now!

Containing original songs, impressions and mash-ups, Are You Ready features my live band Jessington World Of Adventures and was recorded during lockdown.


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