Jess excited to be on The Imitation Game

Brand new panel show, The Imitation Game, kicked off its first episode on the 2nd of September. Each week the two teams compete in a series of challenges set by host Alexander Armstrong. Led by opposing captains Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson, the teams attempt to re-enact movie scenes, put words in celebrities mouths and sing some surprising music covers in order to score points and win at the end of each show



In episode one, Rory and Debra are joined by fellow impressionists Luke Kempner and Jess Robinson to perform a series of comedy challenges. The show brings to life a bunch of celebrities from Holly Willoughby to Donald Trump, and potentially the only show you will see where Adele and Andrew Murray would duet together. The Imitation Game has a live house band includes comedy, silliness and some seriously impressive singing (especially from our Jess!). Click HERE to catch up on the episode one of the Imitation Game.

Jess Robinson profile image