Jess Records Series 2 of Agendum!

Jess is so excited to announce she will be appearing on the second series of Radio 4’s Agendum, the fictional current affairs parody hosted by actress and comedy writer Carrie Quinlan (Alexandra Palisades). Written by Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris and starring a stellar line up including Justin Edwards, Melanie Hudson and Tony Way, it will be broadcast on Radio 4 on Thursdays. 

Hazeley and Morris have previously written for Have I Got News for You, That Mitchell and Webb Look and over 20 Ladybird Books for Grownups and their distinctive style of comedy is truly at its best here. Performed as a real live radio show, the cast deliver witty and achingly relevant parodies of journalistic topics like Brexit, better known here as the fool proof plan to put the entire land mass of Great Britain on wheels.

Jess delivers a cracking performance as Theresa May, an impression seen before in her show ‘No Filter’, amongst others and the rest of the cast do a great job at portraying the hilarious and totally UNrelatable politicians at the forefront of our political stage. 

The show broadcasts every week on a Thursday and episode 1 is available now! Click HERE to listen.

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