Here Come The Girls – Success and a 5-Star Review!

Jess returned from her Here Come The Girls tour at the end of April! The tour was a major success and was all about jess channelling her inner celebrities to navigate her way through life’s highs and lows. Jess performed old favourites,  new impressions, dead celebrities and new divas that had never been heard before! Robinson ensured there was something for everyone on this tour from ages  9 to 90. With impressions of Nicki Minaj to Shirley Bassey there was something truly for everyone.

“It’s like a mega-concert with all your favourite stars”


Jess’ show was a major success receiving a 5-star review from the Mail on Sunday. Robinson performed in 27 locations creating an amazing and energetic atmosphere in all her shows. Do not worry if you missed Here Come The Girls because Jess is taking her new show on tour NO FILTER which is going to have even more beloved pitch-perfect impressions.

“A star is born, breathtaking”

Jess Robinson profile image