Jess is excited to be a featured voice in Agendum which is a new sarcastic series featured on BBC Radio 4.  The series is written by the talented Jason Hazeley and Joel Morris, who has written content for Have I Got News For You, the Ladybird Books for Grown-Ups and the Philomena Cunk mockumentaries. There is a full cast of voices that are presented in this including Carrie Quinlan, Justin Edwards, Melanie Hudson, Jess Robinson, Luke Sumner and Tony Way. Agendum is narrated parodying news journalism. The spoof news show highlights the ridiculousness of news reporting within modern day Britain. With mock news stories including “super water”- claiming to be “100 x wetter than water.” The stories are told as if you are listening to the news on the radio furthering the comic effect as you might believe to hear these stories in Modern day Britain. It is a very silly and light-hearted radio programme and is available. Click HERE to give the first episode of Agendum a listen.

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