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Jess plays Lily Allen in BBC3’s Murder In Successville

Successville’s unique and loveable detective, DI Sleet, enlists the help of a celebrity sidekick to solve the latest high-profile murder in this improvised comedy murder mystery series…

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In this episode, DI Sleet is joined by Olympic gymnast Louis Smith. The detectives learn that pharmacist Lindsay Lohan has been spray-tanned to death. She is the latest victim in a spate of murders – it looks like the detectives have a serial killer on their hands. Forensic pathologist Richard Hammond shows them the body, and Louis takes note of any clues which might help them solve the case.

Smith is put through his paces as he and Sleet meet three suspects:

Vladmir Putin – local gym owner who loves working out with the boys. Vlad talks the talk, but did he have anything to do with the bodies found in his steam room?

Kim Kardashian – convicted psychopath Kim has already killed five people for being prettier than her, but did she have anything to do with the recent spate of killings?

Russell Brand – local purveyor of bric-a-brac and host of the Successville Beauty Pageant, but does Brand know more about the murders than he’s letting on?

After meeting all three suspects, it’s time for Louis to decide – who killed Lindsey Lohan? As ever in Successville, it’s a matter of life and death as Louis attempts to catch a killer. Have you been paying attention? Did you spot enough clues to work out who the killer was?

Written By: Jess Robinson