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Jess Robinson/Curious Collaborations

Curious Collaborations

Jess has produced a web series entitled Curious Collaborations. Conceived, directed and edited by the brilliant Chris Lincé, the six musical comedy episodes, written by Jess Robinson and musical collaborator –  composer Alex Silverman, are a series of unlikely duets by curious pairing of artistes…

Episode 1 – Kate Bush and Lady Gaga’s mutual admiration leads to a Gaga romance…


Episode 2 – Nicki Minaj joins Billie Holiday for a festive rendition of The Little Drummer Boy. Whether Billie likes it or not.


Episode 3 – Nicki Minaj and Julie Andrews get dirty together…


Episode 4 – Lady Gaga meets Björk, but whose way will prevail…?


Episode 5 – It Must Be Love! For Valentine’s Day, Kate Bush, Lady Gaga, Billie Holiday, Björk, Julie Andrews, Nicki Minaj, and Natalie Cassidy are all feeling the love. Unfortunately, someone wasn’t invited…


Full Credits:

Written by Jess Robinson and Alex Silverman

Directed and edited by Chris Lincé

Music and arrangement by Alex Silverman

Orchestrated and produced by Laurence Owen

Vocals recorded at Knight Time Studios by Jim Knight

Make up: Leanne White

Styling: Brittany Taylor

Production assistant: Natasha Snaith

Thanks to The Cockpit, Marylebone, Gemma Smith and Jonty Fisher