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Praise for Jess Robinson: Mighty Voice

It’s hard to envisage a world in which Jess Robinson will not be a star. Her talent and showmanship is stunning. **** Chortle Naturally funny Jess Robinson serves up a remarkable range of impressions; from Lily Allen to Billie Holiday to Barbra Streisand, all pitch-perfect **** Telegraph Robinson's talent is stunning. A stand out act. **** Edinburgh Reviews A star is born. The vocal gymnastics reach a crescendo with a show-stopper as breathless for Robinson as it is breathtaking for...

Robinson’s Mighty Voice Christmas Interview

This summer you performed Mighty Voice at the Edinburgh Fringe. How was it for you? I knew it’d be no mean feat, but I hadn’t realised quite how much planning was involved. Rehearsing the show is one thing, but being your own producer and marketing department is another. I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. It really was a baptism of fire. Oh and there was also the small, slightly stressful matter of...


The Jess Robinson Three Minute Interview by Martin Walker on 2nd July 2014 Jess Robinson has toured the country with Joan Collins playing her daughter in Full Circle, as well as playing countless leading roles in major productions. On TV and radio she’s appeared on The Now Show, Fifteen Minute Musicals, Dead Ringers and several other primetime shows. Martin Walker asks about her Edinburgh Festival Fringe outing. I was really annoying as a child. I still am actually. The first impression I learned to...